YUMIVITS Nose and Throat

YUMIVITS Nose and Throat is a dietary supplement in the form of delicious lozenges with the flavor of ripe raspberries, without sugar. 40 lozenges.
YUMIVITS Nose and Throat contain a carefully selected set of 6 natural plant extracts and vitamin C, zinc and biotin supporting the maintenance of healthy upper respiratory tracts.
Active ingredients: large-flowered mullein extract (4:1) 40mg, elderberry extract (4:1) 40mg, common verbena (4:1) 10 mg, Icelandic lichen extract (4:1) 80 mg, primrose extract (4:1) 10 mg, licorice extract (5:1) 20 mg, vitamin C 40 mg, zinc 5 mg, biotin 5 µg.

¹Eating foods containing xylitol instead of sugar helps maintain mineralization teeth.

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  • contains ingredients of plant origin that support the maintenance of a healthy upper respiratory tract

  • thanks to the content of primrose extract, it helps maintain a healthy upper respiratory tract

  • contains Finnish xylitol and steviol glycosides

  • does not contain sugars

  • contains natural flavors and dyes

  • without preservatives gluten-free product