IANA eye drops intensively moisturizing 0.3%HA

Intensively moisturizing eye drops, 10 ml.
A specially developed, intensely moisturizing eye preparation that brings long-lasting relief and soothing to dry eyes. Eye drops intensively moisturize very dry, tired and sensitive eyes. They provide long-lasting relief in the case of red eyes and reduce the feeling of discomfort caused by external factors, such as staying in dry air, long-term work at a computer and wearing contact lenses. The drops can be used both during the day and at night.
Active ingredients
Sodium hyaluronate 0.3%, in isotonically buffered solution, PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide) 0.0001% – preservative.
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  • Intensive hydration.
  • Prolonged soothing effect.
  • Long-lasting relief during the day and night.
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes.
  • Isotonic.
  • Safe for use with all types of contact lenses.

Use without removing your lenses.