KRAKDENT is an international exhibition of products and services in the field of dentistry, combined with a scientific program addressed to dentists, dental technicians, hygienists, and assistants. Because KRAKDENT is addressed to professionals professionally related to the dental industry, we could not miss it – the pharmaceutical company Starpharma and Zdrowy Lizak Mniam Mniam – the only one with the approval mark of the Polish Dental Association (PTS).

The pharmaceutical company Starpharma has been cooperating with the Polish Dental Association (PTS) for years, hence our joint presence at the KrakDent Fair. Our common goal is to spread knowledge about caries prevention. This subject is very important due to the scale of the phenomenon. We advise how to support parents and children in situations when it is not possible to brush the teeth, e.g., at school, on a picnic, on a trip, when taking a child from one activity to another, etc. And here the solution is the Zdrowy Lizak Mniam-Mniam. Why? This is because it supports caregivers and children in situations when you cannot brush your teeth. Zdrowy Lizak Mniam-Mniam primarily ensures the appropriate pH of the oral cavity and supports the mineralization of teeth after eating food.