Produkty IANA krople do oczu

NOVELTY! Eye drops IANA – quality, effectiveness, safety

Eye drops IANA is a new line of eye care product. They contain modern active substances: hyaluronic acid, herbal extracts and a new generation preservative in low concentration (0,0001%), which makes eye drops safe for sensitive eyes and all types of lenses. They can be used up to 90 days from opening and can be applied without removal of contact lenses.

Eye drops IANA are avaible in 3 variants:

OPTIMAL with hyaluronic acid 0,01% for people who feel discomfort of dry and slightly red eyes 2-3 times a week.

INTENSIVE with hyaluronic acid 0,3% for people who feel strong discomfort of dry, tired and strongly red eyes which are exposed to: long-lasting computer work, in air-conditioned room, the effect of cigarette smoke and fumes or suffer from dry eye syndrome or have recently ophthalmic surgery.

CALM with Calendula officinalis and Hamamelis virginiana for people who have irritated eyes caused by allergies, air pollution hard light or frequent trips.