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  • Colostrum Strong 30 kapsułek

    (Polski) Suplement diety Colostrum Strong zawiera colostrum z mleka krowiego oraz witaminę C.

  • (Polski) Żelazo Strong 30 kapsułek

    (Polski) Żelazo i witamina C przyczyniają się do zmniejszenia uczucia zmęczenia i znużenia, pomagają w prawidłowym funkcjonowaniu układu odpornościowego, przyczyniają się do utrzymania prawidłowego metabolizmu energetycznego.

    Składniki: sproszkowany korzeń buraka czerwonego (Beta vulgaris); otoczka kapsułki – hydroksypropoylometyloceluloza, diglicynian żelaza (II), kwas L-askorbinowy; substancja wypełniająca: celuloza mikrokrystaliczna, substancje przeciwzbrylające: sole magnezowe kwasów tłuszczowych, dwutlenek krzemu.

  • Magnez Strong 30 kaps.

    Przyczynia się do zmniejszenia uczucia zmęczenia i znużenia oraz pomaga w prawidłowym funkcjonowaniu układu nerwowego.


  • BeautyStrong

    Skin, hair and nails,  30 tablets.
    It helps maintain the proper condition of the skin, hair and nails. It contains field horsetail, common nettle, evening star, zinc and biotin.
    Active ingredients
    Horsetail extract(Equisetum arvense L.) 50 mg, vitamin C 30 mg (38%NRV*), nettle leaf extract(Urtica dioica L.) 27 mg , zinc 3,93 mg (39%NRV), thiamine (vitamin B1) 0,55 mg (50%NRV*), Biotin (D-biotin ) 25 μg (50%NRV*).
  • Slim Strong

    Make your diet more effective, efficient weight loss.
    It effectively helps keep the optimal body weight. It speeds up fat tissue metabolism, reduces appetite and clears the body of toxins. It stimulates metabolism and neutralises consumed starch.
    Active ingredients
    Red Tea Extract (200 mg), an extract of bean seeds (100 mg), L-carnitine tartrate (34 mg), zinc (5 mg), chromium, (20 μg).
  • Immuno Strong


    • Echinacea and cat’s claw support the immune system.
    • Licorice supports the upper respiratory tract.
    • Tragacanth supports the body’s natural defenses.
    • Vitamin C and zinc help in the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • LaciflorStrong

    Reinforces human microbiome.
    Recommended during autumn and winter season, as well as during travel. Replenishes natural microbiome of the gastrointestinal tract and improves its functioning.
    Active ingredients
    Inulin (150 mg), Bifidobacterium ssp (6,00 x 108 CFU), Lactobacillus bulgaricus (5,00 x 108 CFU), Lactobacillus acidophilus (5,00 x 108 CFU), Streptococcus thermophilus (4,00 x 108 CFU).
  • Tran z Rekina Strong


    • Supplementing the diet with shark liver oil.
  • Calm Strong


    • Relaxation.
    • Remain calm.
    • Falling asleep.
  • B-CaroteneSunForte

    Beautiful tan. Protection from free radicals.
    β-CaroteneSunForte® contains the maximum dosage of strong antioxidants and 6 mg of β-Carotene. It helps obtaining beautiful, summer tan and protects cells from oxidative stress – free radicals formation, which accelerates the process of skin aging. β-CaroteneSunForte® protects skin from negative effects of UV radiation.
  • DiabetoStrong

    Maintaining correct blood sugar level.
    It helps to maintain correct blood sugar level. Regenerates functioning of pancreas, reduces cholesterol and free fatty acids levels.
    Active ingredients
    Extract from the leaves of the white mulberry (Morus alba) (250 mg), an extract from the leaves of Gymnema sylvestris (200 mg), the bark of the cinnamon-tree (101,25 mg), zinc (1,5 mg), chromium (20 µg).
  • VitaStrong

    Vitamins and minerals from A to Z, it strengthens the immune system.
    A harmonious blend of vitamins and minerals containing compounds essential for normal body function, which strengthen the immune system and improve the body condition.
    Active ingredients
    Vitamin E(equivalent of alpha-tocopherol) (6 mg alpha-TE) 50%NRV*, thiamine (vitamin B1) (0,7 mg) 64%NRV*, riboflavin (vitamin B2) (0,9 mg) 64%NRV*, vitamin B6 (0,85 mg) 61%NRV*, vitamin B3 (niacin) (8,8 mg) 55%NRV*, folic acid (220 µg) 110%NRV*, pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) (6 mg) 100%NRV*, biotin (D-biotin) (30 µg) 60%NRV*, vitamin B12 (1,3 µg) 52%NRV*, vitamin C (48 mg) 60%NRV*, magnesium (60 mg) 16%NRV*, zinc (9,4 mg) 94%NRV*, iron (12 mg) 86%NRV*, selenium (48 µg) 87%NRV*, vitamin A(retinol equivalent) (500 µg) 63%NRV*, iodine (150 µg) 100%NRV*.
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