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  • Vitaminum A+E Strong

    – helps protect cells against oxidative stress
    – complements your diet with vitamin A and E
    – supports healthy skin

  • BeautyStrong

    Skin, hair and nails,  30 tablets.
    It helps maintain the proper condition of the skin, hair and nails. It contains field horsetail, common nettle, evening star, zinc and biotin.
    Active ingredients
    Horsetail extract(Equisetum arvense L.) 50 mg, vitamin C 30 mg (38%NRV*), nettle leaf extract(Urtica dioica L.) 27 mg , zinc 3,93 mg (39%NRV), thiamine (vitamin B1) 0,55 mg (50%NRV*), Biotin (D-biotin ) 25 μg (50%NRV*).
  • B-CaroteneSunForte

    Beautiful tan. Protection from free radicals.
    β-CaroteneSunForte® contains the maximum dosage of strong antioxidants and 6 mg of β-Carotene. It helps obtaining beautiful, summer tan and protects cells from oxidative stress – free radicals formation, which accelerates the process of skin aging. β-CaroteneSunForte® protects skin from negative effects of UV radiation.

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